Seeking Nemboreal

I’ve taken upon myself a task to seek out Nemboreal. Our town has been all but barren, with only sparse unhealthy trees and puddles. The task is to find and speak to this old soul about the possibility of providing foliage, either by his direction or planned carefully by exiles.


After careful examination of the last known location I have made my way into the thick and often dangerous forest. Presently I am attempting to glean information about his whereabouts from an associate of his, deep within the trees and amongst the high limbs. The language barrier is non-existent, so my training in tongues lays dormant for now.


I will remain in these woods and enjoy it’s wild beauty for now and occasionally speak with the associate.





There is growth through all seasons. Since the harvest is nigh upon us, my thoughts drift away from the plants now dormant toward mysteries of the lands.

The Voolcon have seen many visits from me to this day. They chitter and click, I study and mimic to see if I can get them to react to my presence, perhaps take note of my willingness to communicate. 

My newly aquired ledger in hand, I have resolved to persevere!

A side project of investigating the nature of golems continues during downtime away from Fire Isle. It is only a small venture but perhaps related to the Voolcon. Seeing as they coexist with the fire walkers.


I am looking forward to the coming harvest festival. Zombie flesh makes excellent compost for the coming spring.

Rumbling, Squeaking and perhaps Chittering

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 9.25.30 PM


It has been a while since I’ve written in this journal.


Town has devolved once more into a mudded mess. The colorful foliage that Nemoreal bestowed upon us has long since wilted and passed. Only a shadow of it’s beauty remain.

Tending my own garden, enriching my exile and having certain aspects which myself find exciting, is not fodder for an entertaining read. Much has grown, much knowledge has been reaped.

Since landing upon the isle so long ago, I strove to learn the common tongue. It came easily enough to me but I found myself wanting more. More modes of communication. My most recent endeavor is to learn the tongues of my fellow outcasts. I am nearing completion of my studies and soon will have the ability to teach others.

Many of the sentient beings of the local isles fascinate me. Communicating with them, sharing knowledge with them, perhaps learning new skills… What could be more exciting?

Once I achieve my language ledger I plan to visit more often visit the Voolcon people of Fire Island. I feel it is high time their ancient long forgotten language be deciphered.

Then there are the more hostile beings, the Orga, the ‘Kin… Some speak common from time to time. Much I suspect is mimicry, some perhaps legitimate attempts at communicating with us. (albeit hostile) Knowing their tongues may have vast value.

Time will tell.

Fallen Trees – Terrdi, day 36 of Autumn, 578

Leaving the library this afternoon, I am shocked at the devistation of the trees in town center. No doubt much has occurred, yet I have read nothing in the scrolls.

Update: I have been told sketchy information, that T’rools and Orcs are to blame. I don’t particularly believe that tribes travelled across a large forest in order to remove trees from our town. It makes very little sense.

Proud member of Sun Dragon Clan

SDC induction

I have recently taken my next step on my path, joining the Sun Dragon Clan. I am honored to say the least, having the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of those that have come before. Tonoto, Braveheart…

Nemboreal – Lundi, day 13 of Autumn, 578

An associate of the Old Ones, named Nemoreal, came to talk terms with the town earlier today. Much sapshed and bloodshed were the result. I attempted many sketches and visionstones. He seemed to welcome those with respect for nature, but some were too hasty and violent in their welcome of him.

Some even took measures of fire to the Spirit Wood! Madness, I think.

Ally of Nature
I like to think so!

Nature does what it does at times. Limbs grow, limbs fall.

in the bark
Nemboreal shows compassion…

…and a sense of humor, noting my natural mystic state!

Nemboreal makes a very good point.

Indeed. A blight it is.

Things went downhill fast from there. I had time to sketch a bit more, but after this brief exchange, trees engulfed the area, and the townfolk, led by the zo, took fire to the Spiritwood.

A thoomy sacrifice…

…makes not for a pleasant smell.

To my knowledge, little was resolved. I awoke shortly afterward, and zu grew nearby happily, and Flutterbies came to visit!

All in all an exhausting day, ending with wings.

Catalog of flora: a satisfying beginning

Devil's Isle skull

Quite a bit to get out of the way up front. Many of the more common flora near town needs be catalogued. I made sketches of most all of them. I feel I will hold off on giving them names beyond a simple code:
Type + Order Noted and the Year catalogued
Example: tree1.0v642

Took a ride to Devil’s Isle and made note of a handful of plants there. Came across an odd skull, and made a sketch of it. I wonder what type of beast it came from?

Journeyhood, categorization, and the influx of nature – Fordi, day 3 of Autumn, 578

What an exciting time to be out and about on the islands! Recently, nature in general has decided to shrug off the increased encroachment of exiles. Notably, the new “road”. which leads to the University from Puddleby proper. Many new flora have sprung up in town, and I can think of no better time to begin categorizing!
Day 1 of Flora Categorization.

To begin, I will be sketching as many varying plants and trees as I can, labeling them as I go. Eventually I will publish this in scroll form.

Right. Onward…

Finally, now that the landslide south of Puddleby proper has been (at least partially) cleared, I feel comfortable documenting my path.