Rumbling, Squeaking and perhaps Chittering

Screen shot 2013-09-08 at 9.25.30 PM


It has been a while since I’ve written in this journal.


Town has devolved once more into a mudded mess. The colorful foliage that Nemoreal bestowed upon us has long since wilted and passed. Only a shadow of it’s beauty remain.

Tending my own garden, enriching my exile and having certain aspects which myself find exciting, is not fodder for an entertaining read. Much has grown, much knowledge has been reaped.

Since landing upon the isle so long ago, I strove to learn the common tongue. It came easily enough to me but I found myself wanting more. More modes of communication. My most recent endeavor is to learn the tongues of my fellow outcasts. I am nearing completion of my studies and soon will have the ability to teach others.

Many of the sentient beings of the local isles fascinate me. Communicating with them, sharing knowledge with them, perhaps learning new skills… What could be more exciting?

Once I achieve my language ledger I plan to visit more often visit the Voolcon people of Fire Island. I feel it is high time their ancient long forgotten language be deciphered.

Then there are the more hostile beings, the Orga, the ‘Kin… Some speak common from time to time. Much I suspect is mimicry, some perhaps legitimate attempts at communicating with us. (albeit hostile) Knowing their tongues may have vast value.

Time will tell.


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