Nemboreal – Lundi, day 13 of Autumn, 578

An associate of the Old Ones, named Nemoreal, came to talk terms with the town earlier today. Much sapshed and bloodshed were the result. I attempted many sketches and visionstones. He seemed to welcome those with respect for nature, but some were too hasty and violent in their welcome of him.

Some even took measures of fire to the Spirit Wood! Madness, I think.

Ally of Nature
I like to think so!

Nature does what it does at times. Limbs grow, limbs fall.

in the bark
Nemboreal shows compassion…

…and a sense of humor, noting my natural mystic state!

Nemboreal makes a very good point.

Indeed. A blight it is.

Things went downhill fast from there. I had time to sketch a bit more, but after this brief exchange, trees engulfed the area, and the townfolk, led by the zo, took fire to the Spiritwood.

A thoomy sacrifice…

…makes not for a pleasant smell.

To my knowledge, little was resolved. I awoke shortly afterward, and zu grew nearby happily, and Flutterbies came to visit!

All in all an exhausting day, ending with wings.


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  1. Larno said,

    April 4, 2010 at 4:26 am

    I am not a Thoom!

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